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breathe to heal

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Master the art of breathing

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Breathwork - global live stream

My vision is, to unite the world through the power of breathing.

If everyone would breathe more consciously, the world would definitely be a better place.

I am forever grateful for my first breathwork experience and I always feel blessed to be the first to introduce someone new to the power of breath. In 2020, I had the honor to guide more than 1000 individuals on their journey. Your personal stories about transformation, healing and growth keep me doing what I love.

If we breathe together, our bonds are strengthened, intimacy is enhanced and what would normally limit our control and thinking dissolves. When you just focus on your breathing, something new, something else is possible.

Please use this account as it would be your own. Share it with your friends and loved ones, with your colleagues and your business partners. They will be forever grateful for your gift.

This journey is very easily accessible, but yet super powerful. I love to play with sound, vibrations, themes and guidance to create the perfect experience for you.

Sign up for one of my journeys to get to know my work. Reach out to me, if you would like to co-create.

Any feedback, wishes and needs are highly appreciated.

This service works solely based on donations.

Thank you very much for your support.


Personal 1:1 session - breathe to heal (individual workshops for groups and couples)

We all know, that our daily consumption of food and water must be of a certain quality and quantity. But what about the air we breathe?

The amount of air and the way you breathe, has the potential to transform every system in your body.

Most of us breathe too much. Sometimes twice or three times the amount of air that we require. Our process of breathing has been deeply affected by our environment. Chronic stress, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, overheated homes, lack of fitness and poor posture all contribute to poor breathing habits. You are well aware about all the consequences that we call diseases of civilization.

It all starts with the breath. It affects every system in your body! Yes, really everything!

Topics we might discuss, depending on your experience, history, wishes and needs or health restrictions. The science of breath, your breathing pattern, breathing tests, breathing muscles, specific exercises.​ You will get a personal breathing plan to boost your health, your quality of life and improve your performance. 

(asthma, obesity, anxieties, incontinence, chronic stress, fatigue, snoring, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, respiratory conditions, etc.)

Measure your CO2 tolerance!

Breathe gently in and out through your nose. Exhale relaxed and start your timer after the exhalation is finished. Stop your time when you sense a need for air. You should be able to continue to inhale and exhale gently. If you breathe deeper, the breath hold was too long. Stop it again. A healthy person should have a score of at least 20 seconds, a truly healthy person at least 40 seconds (Dr. Konstantin Buteyko). This is something that you can easily train and it will improve your quality of life. Day and night. Active and through rest.

You don't have to be sick to improve your process of breathing. Did you know, that even top athletes have poor breathing habits? 

Get in touch with me and start your journey or gift this to someone you deeply care. 

Your breath is the key to a long and healthy life.


Company/ Individual group session

Breathwork is a great way to connect.

To grow. To bond. To unite!

Release stress. Boost your immune system. Find clarity.

Enhance creativity. Improve your performance. Gain confidence.

Are you searching for a tool to prevent burn-out? Do you want to use breathwork as a tool for your own clients? Do you want to celebrate your birthday or gift this experience to someone you love?

Do you want to provide mental health care for your employees, support a process of transformation or creativity?

Based on your needs and wishes, I specifically design a breathwork journey for you. I use an unique set of times for breathing and breath holds. Certain frequencies will tap into your emotions. Guidance will support you, while you can allow yourself to let go and just focus on your breath.

Please send me some details to get a better understanding about what you are searching for:

Single or recurring event? Desired date? Approximate number of participants? Purpose of your journey?


Master the art of breathing

Are you ready for the ultimate journey? Let's go!

Are you searching for longevity? Facilitate breathwork journeys? Travel to alternate states of mind?

Improve your performance? Relieve asthma symptoms or help with other health problems?

Just curious and ready to go?

Whatever support you'll need, I am here to support you along the way. The time frame for these sessions is very adaptable and can stretch over a period of 6 month.

I will be there for you all along your journey.

Your breath affects every system in your body! It is the most important factor for a long and healthy life!

Reach out to me, to talk about your wishes and needs! You will be forever grateful.

Control your breath - control your life.