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Breathwork - global live stream

My vision is, to unite the world through the power of breathing.

If everyone would breathe more consciously, the world would definitely be a better place.

I am forever grateful for my first breathwork experience and I always feel blessed to be the first to introduce someone new to the power of breath. In 2020, I had the honor to guide more than 1000 individuals on their journey. Your personal stories about transformation, healing and growth keep me doing what I love.

If we breathe together, our bonds are strengthened, intimacy is enhanced and what would normally limit our control and thinking dissolves. When you just focus on your breathing, something new, something else is possible.

Please use this account as it would be your own. Share it with your friends and loved ones, with your colleagues and your business partners. They will be forever grateful for your gift.

This journey is very easily accessible, but yet super powerful. I love to play with sound, vibrations, themes and guidance to create the perfect experience for you.

Sign up for one of my journeys to get to know my work. Reach out to me, if you would like to co-create.

Any feedback, wishes and needs are highly appreciated.

Just click on the word for the type of session you would love to join. Check the calendar for all upcoming dates.

From beginning of January 2022, there will only be regular sessions in german. The sessions will take place any other Sunday at 11a.m.

This service works solely based on donations.

Thank you very much for your support. Click to donate here.



I love to facilitate live events and feel the energy of a group. Sounds, emotions, touch, movement, music.

Breathwork is such a wonderful tool to connect and to bond, to play, to feel and to heal. 

Yoga, bodywork, live music, sound bath, movement, meditation, ceremonies, coaching, mindfulness, spirituality, and much more.

Enclosed you find all my current events. Reach out to me, if you want to connect or co-create.

Is there any company, festival, retreat, where you would like to see a breathwork session happening?

In 2022, there will be a GetHighOnYourOwnSupply® breathwork tour around Germany. Want to become a host*ess?

Tickets for events in Munich:

Bahnwärter Thiel: GetHighOnYourOwnSupply Atemreise - Tuesday 7-9p.m. - jede Woche

Shift-Down-Yoga: GetHighOnYourOwnSupply Atemreise - Sunday 5-7p.m. - 1x pro Monat (20.03.)

The Sanctuary: Breathwork meets Yoga - Sunday 2-5p.m. - 1x pro Monat (13.03., 17.04.)


​1:1 Coaching

80-90% of all people breathe unhealthy. We all know, that our daily consumption of food and water must be of a certain quality and quantity.

But what about the air we breathe?

The amount of air and the way you breathe, has the potential to transform every system in your body. Most of us breathe too much. Sometimes twice or three times the amount of air that we require. Our process of breathing has been deeply affected by our environment. Chronic stress, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, overheated homes, lack of fitness and poor posture all contribute to poor breathing habits. You are well aware about all the consequences that we call diseases of civilization.

It all starts with the breath. It affects every system in your body! Yes, really everything! Have you ever heard about CO2 tolerance?

Get a personal breathing plan to overcome chronic stress, asthma, fatigue, anxiety, fatigue, sleeping problems or other respiratory conditions.


Learn to breathe throughout your daily life. Control your breath - control your life. Start your journey here.

1:1 Bodywork

MER® - myofascial energetic release is a form of bodywork that works with a combination of deep and soft tissue manipulation, joint release, myofascial unwinding, breathwork, energy and emotions. Chronic pain is often caused by overly contracted tissue due to an emotional event in the past. The recipient pro-actively participates in engagement with his/her own innate healing powers. The body is progessively opened to open layers of body armour and create an awareness of dysfunctional patterns and beliefs. The goal is to relieve pain and experience yourself and life to the fullest potential.

This is not a traditional massage, but a very energetic work with touch and breath. I usually don't accept more than one person a day. Try to get a spot here.

MER® is taught by Satyarthi Dylan Peloquin, the former body worker of Osho.

You feel you need this, book your slot for some self love.

1:1 Breathwork 

Breathwork can be a powerful tool to release trauma. Overcome certain challenges, tap into your unconsiousness and just feel what you need. I work with sound, touch, movement, meditation, breath and emotions.  

At different stages throughout our lives, we get pulled towards looking inwards more deeply – to get to know ourselves from a new angle, release old patterns or energies that we may have been carrying ever since we can remember, let go of armouring which no longer serves us, tap into more of our full potential & unleash the pure gold which is the essence of our being.

Book your personal journey.



The focus on my work with companies, lies in mental health care, burn-out prevention and the backing of processes of creativity and transformation. Breathwork is a tool that you can use to create a bond, strip of layers and find new pathways. This can be done online or live, as a single team building event or accompanied over a longer period of time.


We can focus on different topics like performance, connection, growth, money mindset or creativeness.

I have an experience as a sales trainer and working with team for over 10 years.


Send me a note to see how we can work together and how I can support your vision. 



Take some time off, connect with beautiful people and create magic together. I am humbled and blessed to be able to host some retreats with wonderful human beings where we will combine our potential, our energy and bring different modalities together to open and hold a space for connectedness, healing and transformation.


09.-12th of December 2021 (language: german) 

location: Gevelsberg - about 1h from Cologne, Düsseldorf

Hosts: Lisa Reitz * Dirk Weuster * Phillip Friedel

Get your ticket here.

Let your soul breathe

12.-15th of May 2022 (language: german)

location: 30km from Ulm, about 2h from Munich

Hosts: Juliane Speer * Phillip Friedel

more infos coming soon