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is the use of breath awareness and conscious breathing to improve your physical and mental health.

Your breathing is the most powerful tool, that you have. It is always with you and you can access it at any time.

Within 30 seconds, you can influence your autonomous nervous system. Lower your heart rate, boost your energy, let go of physical or emotional pain.

Your breath is also the mirror of your soul. Are you anxious? Exited? In love? - Your breath shows!

The fascinating thing about the breath, is the fact, that you can reverse that process. By breathing a specific pattern, you can evoke certain feelings.

Every system in your body is affected by the way you breathe. Change your breathing and all these systems will change accordingly.

When did you last experience a state of "energized calm" or "dynamic peace"?

Have you ever?



takes you on a 60 minutes journey.

This is an active form of meditation, that you control by the way you breathe. Your breath will be the shaman that guides you. Music and my voice will support you. Certain frequencies will tap into your emotions. Through several rounds of intense breathing and periods of letting go, you will dive deeper and deeper into the experience.

Allow yourself to fully feel, go at your own speed and intensity. Just stay connected with your breath, everything else is going to happen.

This is an exercise of surrender. Of letting go. Of trusting the wisdom of your body.

​The more you are prepared to let go, the more you open yourself up for something new. No past, no future, just you and this precious moment of surrender. Your monkey mind will fall silent, thoughts will pass like clouds in the sky whilst you tap into the pharmacy of your own body. 

Your blood will become more alkaline, your immune system will actively fight inflammation. Your body is going to release hormones like cortisol and adrenalin.

Breathwork is about transformation. Just be open to allow it to happen. You don't have to understand it.

Every journey is different, each and every time. It always works, plain and simple. It's body over mind. 

​Bring greater awareness to your life, boost your immune system, release stress and get more clarity. Reduce chronic pain.

Find wellbeing and happiness, reduce systems of anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD.

Overcome traumas and awake your body and your mind. Release toxins and fight addiction.


Sign up for the global live stream. Every session is currently guided in german.

Feel free to donate if you support my vision, at any time.

Reach out to get an offer for a private session or your company.

Get High On Your Own Supply!

See you on the other side,

❤ Phillip ❤

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