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Hi, my name is Phillip​.


My vision in life is, to unite the world through the power of breathing. 

I am a breathwork facilitator, a bodyworker, an adventurer, a coach, a freedive instructor and the founder of GetHighOnYourOwnSupply®.

As an ambassador of the breath, a traveller and a kitesurfer, I build bridges to overcome cultural barriers.

In my early life, I finished my masters in sports, business and law. This was followed by a fast and successful career in sales, where I took over responsibilities, to hire and train people and work to increase sales from quarter to quarter. Despite the financial success, after some time, I realized that something was missing in my life and that I needed a change. After 8 years, I decided to quit my safe job to travel the world. At least for a year without a break, free as a bird, following the wind and the sun. A life without obligations, just allowing myself to fully embrace the moment.

​My journey took me to Africa, North- and Latin America. On my road trip from Canada to Panama, I went to Burning Man for the second time in my life. One evening in our camp, I suddenly heard a voice over a speaker. A fascinating and intriguing voice, that guided people how to breathe. I love trying out new things, so I got up from my chair, completely unprepared and began to breathe deep and connected. I had a very intense physical sensation, almost fainted and my whole body was vibrating. I was speechless and in awe and could not really grasp the intensity of the experience. At that time, all I knew was, that I had just discovered something very powerful and magical.


Why had I never heard about this before?

Breathing in all its forms had captivated me. Ancient techniques, breathing schools, areas of application, sounds, vibrations, touch, movements, silence, gas exchange, cold exposure, breath holding. On my journey, I experimented, learned, evolved, shared my findings with others and gifted journeys along the way. I got a new identity and created GetHighOnYourOwnSupply®. 

​When I take people on a journey, I want to bring them back to that moment of amazement, when I first discovered the power of breathing.

What are you searching for?

Do you want to release stress? Live a healthy life? Boost your performance? Find clarity? Sleep better? Release trauma or manage physical pain? 

Travel to non-ordinary states of consciousness?

Whatever it is, it is already inside you! Depending on your wishes, needs and experiences, I lead and support you in your personal development. For this purpose, I work with Pranayama, Wimhof, Buteyko, BBTRS, MER and holotropic breathwork, using techniques from freediving and other fields.


Your breathing is the most powerful and the most accessible tool that you have. It is always with you, from the moment you were born, till the day you die. It affects every system in your body! You can always use it to strengthen your health and improve your well-being.

Are you ready to access what's inside you?

In order to support you, I offer 1:1 sessions, dedicated to your development and growth. In addition to workshops, retreats and various live events, I facilitate a global live stream.

Do you want to become a GetHighOnYourOwnSupply® breathwork facilitator

For trauma release and chronic pain, I work with breath, touch and movement, especially MER®.

The focus on my work with companies, lies in mental health care, burn-out prevention and the backing of processes of creativity and transformation.

I support business customers, athletes and individuals in living happier and healthier lives. I train both world champions and strong asthmatics.

The breath unites us all.

See you on the other side,

❤ Phillip 


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